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this is site that have information about vishnoi and vishnoi community mandris and about wide lifevishnoi Bishnoi happy diwali P R Godara                                          made by P R Godara
Vishnoi is a community that work for save tree and all wide life animal. We are working from last 500 years when VISHNOI community is made by the our dharm Guru Shri Jambho ji Maharaj.
Vishnoi are  mainly living  in  Rajasthan, Haryana ,west UP and some in other part of india. 
  About Jambho ji

                                                      Jambho ji, was born in  village Pipasar in 1451 A.D.  He was the only child of his parents i.e. Father,Lohat ji Panwar and Mother, Hansa Devi. For first 7 years, Jambho ji was a silent, introvert child. He also spent a lot of time (27 years) as a cowboy like Lord Krishna (Incidentally both had an identical Birth day i.e. Janmashtami!) At a age of 34, Jambho ji founded Bishnoi religion.His teachings were in poetic form,known as Shabadwani or shabad that as our geeta .
                            Jambho ji  made a community   known as Vishnoi at Samrathal Dhora on eighth day of black fortnight of the month of Kartika    (Indian Lunar Calender) in 1485 A.D.

Jambhu ji Maharaj


Samadhi of Jambho ji Maharaj


This image from mukam mukti dham

Vishnoi is  that person who follow the rules made by jambho ji maharaj  or follow the way that said in  our dharm or community.Vishnoi is made by word VISHNU.

In this site you have information about mandirs or other dharamshals  address with phone no.
there is also information about incoming events of vishnoi samaj or related to our community so please visit this  site one time in every day 

Vishnoi's Mandir

If you want to download wallpaer and arti of guru maharaj 
as like :
  Jambho ji wallpaper
  mandir's wallpaper
  and some wallpaper of deer

Arti  :-


Our community or caste real name is VISHNOI not Bishnoi many say that bishnoi is right name but is not true real name is vishnoi

Video of Vishnoi Community
In this video you see about vishnoi and life of vishnoi man at Travel and Living

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well come to the vishnoi community . We are working for save environment and protect animals and tree .

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P R Godara

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